Being aware means to be well prepared !


Preparation motorcycle:
Professional preparation of the motorcycle involved in motorcycle service

Damir – Team from Wodzisław Śląski

Elements prepared to travel, beyond the obvious service-type oils, filters, brake pads, are:
~ dual power socket for GPS / Camera ~ 12V
engine guards – safety in the event of unplanned contact with the surface
~ aluminum engine guard / cooler – protecting the motorcycle against stones escapes from the front wheel and other obstacles
~ additional lighting, two additional headlights provide a clear way even after dark and additional stop light ensure the safety of collision from the rear.
~ Installation of the system scottoiler’a ensuring appropriate state drivetrain while traveling.

Luggage and its security are inseparable part of every journey.

I trust  the Polish company – CARAPARKS and its high quality of work.

CARAPARKS will prepare for my expedition:

  • Side and central trunks;
  • crash bars aim to protect motorcycle engines and body panels and the rider
  • an engine and an oil cooler aluminum shield – to protect motorbike from rocks and other dangers
  • extra lightining: two more headlights secure visible road after dark and an extra stoplight which secures better visible of the vehicle;
  • a GPS satellite handle;
  • some extra canister accessories which secure a longer ride without refueling.

Preparations crew (me): Vaccination against hepatitis A, yellow fever, typhoid and rabies are just some of the mandatory health safeguards that must be done before you travel visas .. Most visas’ll develop one after the other in the course of travel advances at consulates and at borders not less but before leaving I’ll be obliged to prepare a photo, a new passport (with several copies of the first page ).