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Po +- 211 dniach wyprawy ( 01.01.2017 ) czas na podsumowanie i powiedzenie kilku słów na temat firm i produktów podczas motocyklowej wyprawy dookoła świata Net4call Firma, która zarządza naszą stroną , serwerami i połączeniami z rodziną w Polsce i UK. Zdecydowanie ludzie, którzy dokładają się w największym […]


Central America Mexico: The difference between the USA and Mexico is incredible for a normal human being. When you just cross the border, you are in a different world. Poverty and many stray dogs which are very skinny. It’s supposed to be much more cheaper – but it isn’t! People […]

Ameryka Centralna

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  Day first In Mexico, that is, how we crossed the border. It went smoothly even we didn’t stop.  I’ll tell you more. Do you remember Magda Janusz, who joined the trip ? Today, her name and surname have changed into Magdalena Los Janos regardless of visiting cities. When we […]

Illegal stay in Mexico!

It’s time to „attack” the west coast. Of course, we’re doing it properly! We’re going to drive along west USA edge, there’s the interstate route – US101, which we’re going to join right from the beginning. The last stopover was in a tourist point and we’re moving on! But not […]

US101 – one week of our journey

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First serious breakdown! A rear wheel bering has failed! Thanks to #USAHonda help, we got two new berings…. Unfortunately, we have fixed it but we haven’t repaired the root of the problem! A bearing seat in the wheel is used so it’s caused the breakdown. Well, for the moment we’ve […]

Pierwsza awaria!

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When we arrived to Detroit, we found out by accident about Deam Cruz, it’s the biggest meeting of motoring enthusiast in the world! The cars are at every age and all kinds. We were spending 3 hours sitting on a curb just to watch classical, legendary and modern cars! It […]

Welcome to Hell

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On the way to Steamboat, towards Salt Lake City, we stopped and were going shopping when a couple came up and asked us if we wanted to make some money on the side. We answered YES without thinking. It turns out that  there is fire about 60 mile farther, 800 […]

Pożar i praca.

Next day – Colorado! The drive through boring Kansa took 3 days and we arrived in Colorado and we were shocked ! The 3 km lap of our journey is incredible. The landscape changes amazingly, from boring fields to some breathtaking scenery. A rocky mountains due east and the nearer […]

Start Kolorado!

A long way to go – 1100 kilometers  of straight way through Kansas, we’re planning to make it in two days! (Yes! 500 km per day) Boredom! Just fields and desolation! In the middle of nowhere we stayed at a westside cafe “Sassy Lady”, after short conversation we were invited to […]


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After leaving Indiana Lake, I found out about a town called Poland 100 km ?Why not, I’m going there! I separated fromAlon and Dania and here the adventure is about to begin… I’m almost there, I’m taking some photos and I’m going to eat something – I’m buying a hearty […]

In a place called Poland

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Dzien 3,4,5 Nic specialnego sie nie działo.. Uciekały dni, a ja leżąc na plaży spróbowałem Bud Light (piwko,które zawsze chciałem skosztować) Byliśmy się również trochę powozić.. Zła wiadomość: ukradli mi powerbank wraz z ładowarkami Zła wiadomość2: moje buty (adidasy) zaczynaja okrutnie śmierdzieć.. Nawet wypranie ich nic nie dało! Pojawiają się […]

Przygody z Alonem i Dania, oraz Hamerykanska rodzina.

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The flight to New York tried my patience! 11 hours sitting in a company of a typical American guy – strange smile, talking only how awesome is in the USA! Next to me were sitting five children and their parents who, by the way couldn’t handle their children and the […]

New York which fascinate.

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Do you remember the petrol station and my hopeless situation ? I will remember it for a long time. But I hoped for the best! Finally, it started shining but I had wet clothes so I was looking for a shop and I found it! I did shopping and I […]


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After spending two nights in Villach, I went to Italy. As to the views, the Italian Alps are the most spectacular! The first accommodation offered me a girl in Trident…. But we didn’t sleep because we went sightseeing and we happened on karaoke ! (neither me or Gracjan sang!) Next […]


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To sum up my last thee days: it’s been raing and there’s been many curves! It’s been raining since it started in Croatia and I’m in Austria now. It started shaning so I could take some photos  and make  some videos Here are some of them. I was to stay […]

The Rain and the curves

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I was going to sleep on a bench, I was about to camp out in Rijeka when Slobodan came unexpectedly to my rescue! The power of the internet! He’s been a student for 11 years, it’s ashamed to ask him which year he ‘s in. He took me to a […]

Croatian party

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Yesterday, I was driving these super winding, Croatian roads: When I was travelling across Croatia I lost my way… And here are starting my adventures… I turned back as I realized where I was going… When I suddenly noticed some people with a child. Young Franco (14 – month- old) […]

War heroes

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It was to be a bench. Yesterday I was still in Slovakia, I was preparing to get some sleep on a bench near a city hall, I had no idea where it was. Suddenly Monika called. She told me that she was just checking where I was and she invited […]

It was to be a bench.

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I’m getting excited. Time: 7:00 local time, I’m crossing the border. For the first time… I’m really happy butI think Gracjan is missing our homeland. I hope we won’t be missing too much! Greeting from the Polish border:)


63 days before start my travel constantly I am thinking about how to increase publicity field problem .. Many people ridicules that we have miserable chance to collect funds for the field … but for me it’s still a chance! #hopedieslast If you don’t know how you can help .. […]

I help.. and You ?

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Dear Santa Claus, I’m writing this quite an unusual letter but you must understand that today you are also very unusual, special and…needed. Usually I ask you for sweets, new PS3 games, tablets and other really indispensable things. These are the presents I got last year: A set of really […]

Dear Santa Claus

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Visas / Permits for entry and traveling .. It`s only several papers, most of them can be done at the border, but .. well, there is always  but .. My journey begins in Poland, at the beginning easily: Slovakia, Hungary Romania .. a piece of cake, the problem starts when […]

Visas / Permits for entry and exit ..

Motosamsara still in full swing! Just today I can officially say that: Ajska Enduro TEAM – Sebastian HOP Gazda joined to the project. ! Probably I don’t need to describe that person but for people unrelated to the topic motorcycle I will say only.. It is the organizer of the […]

penguins are joined to project!

This morning I was robbed of my phone Case transferred to the police, of course, no one saw nothing.. All persons interested, please contact us by email or under the English number 0044 77639 88 226. In spite adversity project motosamsara still spins so I encourage you to invite […]

I’m without phone!