Open letter to sponsors

Dear Madame / Sir


I would like to get a bit of your interest so I  wrote this letter as a proposal for cooperation between your company and a man with a huge passion looking for support from one hand but also giving back an interesting way of promoting your brand internationally from the other. I will try to describe in few words plans for my next exiting motorcycle adventure which I hope you will find attractive from a commercial point of view and you will show your interest in participating in this international and recognizable event.


Before I get to details I would like to introduce myself and tell you about my previous adventures so you had a better picture of who I am and where do my ideas come from.

My name is Tomasz Gorzedowski, I am 26 years old and my life is driven by two passions – motorcycles and traveling. I started riding motorcycles when I was 14 years old but I did my first long journey on two wheels around Poland just after I reached 18 and obtained legal driving licence. When I returned from that first  journey I already knew it was the way of life I wanted to follow.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do but as we all know  life can be a  hard player and quickly showed me that you can have a passion but you also need to support it by more realistic things like  money for example. Therefor as a young guy I had to work hard and take part time jobs to be able to finance my hobby.

After finishing my education I got a full time employment hoping to be able to develop my passion but life showed me again it is not so simple, and I could only do short weekend trips around the country not being able to travel longer distances.

This forced me to leave Poland 5 years ago and look for better perspectives abroad. It appeared to be a step in the right direction and after saving some money I was able to go for my first motorcycle trip around Europe in 2014. I visited  Romania, Croatia, Italy, Austria and Switzerland doing almost 8000 km in 17 days.

Short video relation below: .
We all know once you achieve something you want more and more as your appetite grows – it`s natural.

In my case it was another crazy idea that I decided to implement  on the 4th of June 2016 (exactly 12th anniversary of my first motorcycle experience).

On that particular day I started my all-around world trip!

Plan was to drive 50 000 km seeing 40 countries on all continents during 1.5 year. Unfortunately after being 11 months in travel I had to suspend my journey in May 2017 due to health problems.  The word “suspend” is not accidental hereJ

Not for a moment I assumed the journey was over – I just needed to recover to be able to get back on track. Even though I had to suspend the trip I managed to achieve 132% of my original  target by driving 66 000 km. During the 11 months I visited 28 countries and was able to drive through 32  USA states.

One may say – “that`s something”! But for me it is still not enough as the World is so huge and worth of exploring, That is why I plan to finish my trip in the middle of 2018.

The exact plan of the rout is on my website, and the promotional clip you can see here:

According to my information, it will be the third trip of that kind leaving Poland  but first not finished yet  due to unexpected problems so I believe this fact will find its place in motorcycle history and all people and companies involved in the event will also be  mentioned as media are interested in that kind of stories.


Journeys like the one I planned need a lot of preparation from the logistic point of view but also the material one – proper equipment, financial resources.

This is the moment where you and your company can become part of the big event!

I am open for any kind of support. In the past trip I was dedicating all of the surface on my motorcycle, side panniers  and clothes for logos, adverts, etc.

Maybe you would be interested in having your company banner pictured in the most beautiful and recognizable places in the World?

Giving some precise figures – please note my Facebook fun page had 81 730 followers during last trip, and it had a top of 36 000 visits during one week!

I will be more than happy to place your advertisements or logos on my fun page  which I am sure can bring you measurable benefits.

My journey was also followed by newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations and internet portals.


Will just mention:

Radio Piekary, Dziennik Zachodni, Tygodnik Gwarek, Radio Zet, Radio RMF, SuperExpress , TVP3, ,, and
Not only Polish media were interested in my trip – I must say  USA magazine “Adventure Bike Riders” (with 500 thousand customers) made several articles about me and my trip. (2 thousands  “likes” during one day)

Also portals like and were mentioning about the journey.

If only you will find my offer attractive and decide to support my journey for the possibility of advertising yourself, company, brand or product I would suggest the following 3 methods hopefully acceptable for you:


  1. Smaller amounts payable on regular – monthly basis which would not charge your promotional budget too much and will give me a confidence I get the income for the regular spendings like fuel, accommodation, food, etc. during the time of the trip.
  2. One individual  payment  to my bank account  30 1050 1621 1000 0090 7936 2126  (Bank ING)

This solution may be better for people willing to reach the quick commercial agreement and  finalize the deal at once.

  1. Donations of equipment / clothing / accessories which will be necessary during the trip.

Please let me know if any from the above meets your expectations? If There will be any other way you would like to cooperate with me – please let me know as  I am open for all kinds of  proposals.


It will not be a secret if I say that I hope you will show your interest in my international event and decide to take part in it by helping me to prepare the trip and later on be supporting me on the way!

From my side I will do my best to make sure you receive proper feedback and benefits from promoting your company, brand or product. My efforts will be more than  adequate to your help and involvement  and I hope it will not be just one occasional cooperation but you will be willing to be with me during my future events as well!

In case you will have any questions or you would  like to  discuss any subject please contact me on my mobile, e-mail.

I thank you very much in advance and hope to hear from you soon  so we could start friendly and successful cooperation.

Best regards

Tomasz Gorzedowski