Open letter to sponsors

Tomasz Gorzędowski
ul. Bytomska 122/3/6
41-940 Piekary Śląskie
+48 515 814 510
+44 77639 88226

My name is Thomas Gorzędowski, I’m 24 years old, I come from Poland, precisely from Piekary Slaskie. I currently live in England. In my life I have two passions – motorcycles and traveling. .

As often as possible, I try to combine the two things that make me great joy, they give a sense of freedom and independence.  I made five years ago, my first major trip. It was a journey across Poland 3000 km in 14 days, I collected funds for nearly three years working as newspapers carrier.
It took a lot of sacrifice and effort, but it was worth it. The first dream on my list was completed.

Then I wanted more, so in August 2014, I went on a journey across Europe.The motto of the expedition was “everything starts with a dream”,you can see the video at this link

In just 17 days, I drove 8000 km, I visited 14 countries including: Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, France.

I came up with another idea, another journey. This time,  .. more .. interesting .. and of course with greater momentum …

May 25th, 2016 year I will go to motorcycle trip around the world. During this trip I want to beat more than 50 000 km in over 30 countries in all continents. The exact route will be available on my website

Unfortunately, this great undertaking requires not only substantial preparation, but also a cash contribution. The cost of such tour estimate about 20 thousand pounds. It is obvious that for one person, this is impossible to postpone. I would like to ask about adding ‘bricks’ in fulfilling my dreams and also offer advertising on the website and fan page. I am also open for any other ways of cooperation.

Due to the fact ,that I will be the third motorcycle expedition from Poland around the world, the first person engaged in this journey alone, I think this can be good promotion.

My trip will be connected with the collection of cash for the construction of a sports facility in  primary school in Poland, because city 10 years ineptly collects cash. I think, this is another reason why would you join the cooperation with me. Do what you love, and the same time helping, it’s probably the best thing you can achieve in your life.
Particularly with regard to children ..

I asking for support for my project. Perhaps for you this small contribution, and for me the greatest opportunity to realize the dream of my life.

In return for your support to offer all forms of advertising, eg: fixing Logo motorcycle, placing the company logo on the website and other (to be determined).

I look forward to fruitful cooperation with you. I can meet with you at convenient time and present closer to plan my trip and if you have questions, please contact me.

Yours faithfully
Tomasz Gorzędowski.