Sponsors 2016

A lot of small things became great, but thanks to relevant advertsing..

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. No one, exept us knows what we’re doing. Take care of advertising your business, on the occasion of doing something useful. Maybe it’s for You a small investment, but it’s dream for me. Anyonewho will help to achieve dreams will be listed on the below of the sponsors list.|
Don’t forget that we gather not only on the motocycle trip around the world, but also on the new sports field at the Municipal Primary School nr. 5 in Piekary Śląskie in Poland


fb_icon_by_nikesharyan-d61r5aj images Shop in Wodzislaw Slaski declared technical support of my transport.


fb_icon_by_nikesharyan-d61r5aj wyjsciowe-logo Support to the project, providing servers, supervision on the website, providing free calls.


fb_icon_by_nikesharyan-d61r5aj images On the road and wilderness my trip, follow in the wake of me Tyres MICHELIN thanks to LATEX company.


images Motomoda24 join to us….


images Without Lexfilm movie realization wouldn’t be possible


MK logo_kolor Page translation, writing letters to sponsors from every place of the world, THANKS for help!

City Piekary Śląskie

images Officially city Piekary Slaskie coming to project-helping to collect money. We invite other cities!!! This playing field is only the beginning of something… I hope, more!

Polonia Cup

images Polonia Cup distributor of ATVs and UTV, motorcycle accessories and spare parts was joined to us !!!!


images Richa sponsoring my whole outfit, sincerely thanks them for it