Where I am right now?



Pinpointpal Information about the location of Tom taken from the transmitter GPS sponsored by Pinpointpal

Information: The course of living, total mileage coordinates read from the transmitter.

Motosamsara Motosamsara Beginning of Route – 06/04/2016 festival in Piekary Slaskie
Motosamsara Live coverage on your own performance
Motosamsara warm meals…..
Motosamsara Artistically amateur photos but nice …., we judge it.
Motosamsara Something that I could get to the head but there is no one to talk ….
Motosamsara Finally, free Internet access.
Motosamsara Time for a break
Motosamsara need to add a little bit because I still do not pull ….
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Note: In the interest of safety Tom, all data sent by the GPS will be delayed by 24 hours.