What i need

Sometimes it takes a bit of madness to do the next step..

Sometimes information and tips are more valuable than any cash or equipment
Nevertheless my expedition will fails without a few essential accessories.

– Trunks Side / Central  ✓
– Additional lighting motorcycle  ✓
– Looking for a company that would take to prepare an aluminum engine protection / cooler  ✓

I have a tent that not once checked in local travel, but I know that the climate in which we currently find ourselves seriously may change, rain forest or desert sun can quickly render me homles. Therefore, I am looking for a suitable tent.

MEALS: For maximum offset the costs I will try to when it is possible to make a campfire. However, in some countries, for the aforementioned behavior it is a big fine. So I need something to replace the real fire like gas stove or something like that. With pleasure,
I will find out about your ideas for making meals during the trip.

There are so many beautiful places in the world, it would be wrong to travel without a camera.
Planned is a GoPro3 camera.
Is it sufficient investment?
I am looking for any information and finacial support in this regard.

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