About me

If you can not do great things, do small things in a big way ..


Tomasz Gorzędowski – born on June 7, 1991
A serious man with responsible behaviorbitch please

dsc_1081 Żarty – żartami, ale teraz na poważnie..

I am a simple boy who loved riding a motorcycle at the age of 12, began modestly, With time my passion grew stronger. After years of riding around my town, I was interested in further trips. However, there was always a shortage of money and the number of places that I would like to visit (preferably on a motorcycle) grew very quickly ..
On September 5, 2013, I participated in an accident, after which I understood that there is nothing to put off my life for later! I bought a new motorcycle to go on a trip around Europe, which was the peak of my dreams – then! Yes ! At that time, I did not even think how fast I would grow into something more serious …
On June 4, 2016, I start my journey by motorcycle around the world, unfortunately my trip for health reasons had to be interrupted in May 2017 (exactly 11 months on the road). However, I managed to meet 120% of the plan! I planned to beat 50,000 kilometers, and I made 66 thousand! Visiting at the same time 28 states and 32 states in the USA. And that’s not over yet..

As for the aforementioned responsibility … hmm, can you be called responsible if You want to go alone around the world? Definitely yes.
If only I can fulfill the next of my dreams, I will prove that even an adult may be a bit of a child, and in a responsible little madness.

It is also worth mentioning Gracjan … or my plush friend, whom I met on the first day of the trip in Niepołomnice. I picked up the mascot – I took a friend!
When I asked “the audience” whose mascot it was, someone said “Yours” – so I replied that I am taking her on a journey around the world. What everyone reacted with a mocking grin, and now Gracjan saw more than 90% of them …

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have the honor to introduce you to Gracjan!