The Rain and the curves 43

To sum up my last thee days: it’s been raing and there’s been many curves! It’s been raining since it started in Croatia and I’m in Austria now. It started shaning so I could take some photos  and make  some videos

Here are some of them.

I was to stay in Croatia only for a one day, but I stayed for four days – one day at Edie’s, one with the eternal student, and two days at Laura’s! (the weather forced me).

Today, I ‘ve been driving across Slovenia, visiting Ljubiane – an infinite amount of curves.

Words of thank Michelin & Latex – for Piloty Road 4 tyres! They do good in rainy days!!!

Time to stay overnight at Villach which Katrina showed me around – she’s a fantastic person!

I’m not sure if Gracjan or me are so lucky…. So far we’ve met very helpful and wonderful people! High five to them  for a help!


PS The first tumble, but CARAPAKS’s trunks passed the test