It was to be a bench. 93

It was to be a bench.

Yesterday I was still in Slovakia, I was preparing to get some sleep on a bench near a city hall, I had no idea where it was. Suddenly Monika called. She told me that she was just checking where I was and she invited me to her house in Vienna. I glanced at the map…just 150 km. I decided to go! I arrived at 1 a.m, at once I went to bed.

Next day I was well-rested, I felt really good.  In the afternoon it was time to sightseeing in Vienna.

Here are some photos.

Next morning I set off on a journey to Lake Balaton – Hungary . I‘ve ran into some technical problems. I’ve been travelling without navigation system 🙁 but can’t I make it ?

PS Gracjan in Vienna was filming too much and taking too many photos  I’ll try to send them.