How many ‘friends’? How many, when they are needed.. 9

How many ‘friends’? How many, when they are needed – the deaf and dumb.

I’ m aware of the fact that it’s a difficult and challenging project – the sports field. But I don’t just think we’ll do it. I know that! But…
I am sometimes speechless myself and I can’t believe it when I see how the project develops!
For example, on 10 November I sent a request to GoPro to support the project. There were 878 of us then. Today (+- 50 days later) there are over 1000 people more… so…

Dear ‘friend’
Believe me, it’s gonna work! Not tomorrow, not someday. It’s here and now!
Join the project… invite your friends to take part, share, send out!
Remember that all the money transferred to DROGI ŻYCIA Foundation account goes to children.
It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money, there are many of us! And it’s just the beginning. Don’t wait for the others. (I would like to remind you that the account number is



Are you the owner of a company? You may leave your logo in the media @motosamsara

Would you like to join the project but you don’t know how? Write!


I know there are a lot of people who do not believe the project is going to work. However, if we all get together and send a penny each, we will be a step forward – you know the proverb ‘ Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’

I do my utmost and I want you to know that after 22 days of work (Saturdays and Sundays as well) on my very first day off work (24 December) instead of having a sleep till 11o’clock I set off to my doctor at 8 to make the arrangements connected with my vaccines…There are only 38 of them – don’t worry, I’ll be fine!

The rest of my days off from work I’m going to spend making up for the things concerning the project.

Maybe there’s too much I take on my shoulders but that’s what my heart tells me to do…


P.S. Winter penguin rally.. see you!!

Damir team.. we wait for the photos J




May the Christmas season bring you closer to your family.
May it bring you joy, peace and health.
May your hearts be filled with love and warmth.

Wishing all who in any way have joined the project.
Thank you for being there while I’m still working on it.
Thanks again and let’s the good time roll..