[*]Marek Michel-motorcyclist, who got the world … 23

I’m not the first .. I apologize!…

Mr. Paul G- one of many people interested of my trip – informed me via email, that I am not the first person from Poland, who visit the world on motorcycle.

In 1974 made this a man from Cracow, [*] Marek Michel.

I wanted to apologize for mistake- I’m not the first but for sure not the last!

Now is the time, answer for the question: Is this important? Must be my dream unexampled? Absolutely NO!

I just wanna realize my dream! This is not important to me or I am the first person ,which do this or not.I regret that I didn’t meet Mr. Marek Michel. I think that our conversation wouldn’t have the end.

All the time come to me new messages, which I heard never before, from the past and messages what I need in the expedition time.

If you have important information please write to me everything on email or in comment.

I know that I will never know everything, but we’re learning over life!


Marek Michel