Do you believe in Karma?

I’m at home but my motorcycle not yet!

On Thursday at 8 p.m. (Polish time) I started drive to Poland calmly, awhile rained but I was prepared for this eventuality!
At the beginning the journey was like I planned.

Ferry boat? Like for a wish-I entered- I bought a ticket-immediately, without waiting I drove on the board. Super! Then…

France, Belgium, Netherlands ..easy! Germany .. unfortunately in Germany my shoes ( Alpinestars SMX5 ) the first time not withstand water pressure. Cold, water and wind ..this combination make my trip ceased to be a trip and began to make – expedition – adventure time start! 

I visited my best friends from times of technical school Christopher Nowacki and Martina Koszczol. City Iserlohn in Germany (750 km my trip). `Men give me socks`-the only thing I remember from the first words.

Warm, in dry clothes and above all: fed a hearty breakfast I take motorcycle and move on…around the corner could be heard inept desire to inflammation of someone motorcycle. Our curiosity led us to the goal- around the corner stood a girl with YAMAHA DIVERSION but her motorcycle refused to obey. I’ve done what was necessary- selfless assistance. In return for smile, to my lack of conversation skills in German have resulted a lot of laughter.

The girl drive away and I said goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Mr. Christopher Nowacki and went east! Now should be easy. It rained, was a big fog, blew gusty wind. What I expected more? But I still drove! 30 km before the border I heard ‘the sound’ of the motorcycle. Then began swing to the left and to the right ..I  left the road, I check the pressure method `to boots`. Twice, you kick the tire, than you can see or is the air. If you are not sure – repeat! Unfortunately, it was not just tire!  I wasn’t sure what exactly happened, I wanna to see and already stopped the first car, but the problem was with german language talk. German – ‘I don’t understand”. Then german woman is exactly poland women. She’s helps me take the nearest car park. Quick look- it is the first diagnosis! Rear wheel lost bushing and wheel swing to the left and right. I look at the clock and calendar, Saturday ,midnight – I think only: I can do this tomorrow. Motorcycle only for a safe place and I with helpful Alicja Weronika drove 300km towards my house. Than picked me up my people! ( Rafał Marcin Rafał )!

Today: alarm, call to Damir – Team and everything it’s clear. THE END -cause I must pick up my motorcycle 🙂