Visas / Permits for entry and exit .. 30

Visas / Permits for entry and traveling ..

It`s only several papers, most of them can be done at the border, but .. well, there is always  but ..

My journey begins in Poland, at the beginning easily: Slovakia, Hungary

Romania .. a piece of cake, the problem starts when I get to the Middle East.

In Turkey I encounter the first challenge. Visa to Turkey can be done in three minutes on the internet (cost $ 20).The problem starts in Trabzon, I should take care of the next steps of the expedition .. but more about this for a moment.

I wonder about coming to Georgia if the weather will be good. There I cross the state border upon presentation of my proof. Anyway, the next step will be Armenia,

The next step – Azerbaijan – cost 60 EURO, little too much, but worth it? Were somebody?

Iran– Lot of Poles it’s known as a dangerous place. I think it’s not so bad, I must remember just to visit Turkish city Trabzon, because I need visa. Costs 75 E.
Pakistan– if I can get a visa( I will try in a few weeks in Poland embassy). The cost is $ 40, like internet says: this money are not a problem here. Pakistan is not willing to accept foreigners. I can do this!

India– I wanna spend some time here,  reportedly worth. The cost a visa it’s only 257 PLN. Visa is quite demanding, I should take her some time, fingerprints, photos etc.

Sri Lanka– it’s not in the plan on my trip,maybe I visit this picturesque island, although the cost is up $ 30.

Today’s post I end the information: I would like to beat up mountains in Nepal. The entrance to Nepal cost $ 25 -visa,but there is no problem to get it.

If you have been in one of these countries, please tell me what I have to count in this country,what needs to be prepared, what documents I need?

Thank you very much!

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