Ameryka Centralna

Central America


The difference between the USA and Mexico is incredible for a normal human being. When you just cross the border, you are in a different world. Poverty and many stray dogs which are very skinny.

It’s supposed to be much more cheaper – but it isn’t!

People are more introverted than in the USA, but  why ? in my opinion, “Mafia” has though people that they should keep out of others people’s business, so then no one gets hurt. There are some places (especially mountainous regions) where no one goes into, the inhabitants and the police know taht, so do we….

And the most important: if you have ever been to  holiday resorts such as Mazaltan on all inclusive holiday, it means that you aren’t in Mexico. This world doesn’t show the real Mexico!

It’s said that here is real Mexico, according to us, it should be: here is veritable Belize. We get to know the new concept of „poverty”.

This Mexico seems to be very civilized!

Belize is one of the biggest city and when you stand in the center there are only 10 buildings in sight, there aren’t any blocks of  flats and forget about a skyscraper!
Here, the most interesting is only the zoo -15USD per person. Is it worth it ? let us know your opinion.

There is the worst border crossing point. Unorganized, a lot of people and chaos, and you don’t know where to go, there aren’t any information boards. In other words massacre!

The further you go, the more interesting it gets. The roads are like in the South America – they are ok and suddenly the road ended rapidly.

People seem to be more friendly, or we know how to talk with them.


It supposed to be quicly and temporarily. After our adventures, we stayed there longer.

People are incredible helpful here. Of course everyone helps but takes care of yourself. But we are very grateful for all help because this country is considered to be the most dangerous place in the world.

The devil is not as black as he’s painted…


The roads are much better than in Alps, if someone likes driving through sharp bends. Asphalt let you forget that you’re 10 000km away from home.

It’s beautiful!

People are friendly, open.

This country is worth visiting by motorbike!

We can’t stick to one thing!

Hope we’ll come back one day!


Costa Rica:

The prices are higher than in other countries.

The roads aren’t perfect, people aren’t so nice and open, of course in our opinion.

So, why do so many people visit the famous Costa Rica ?? hm…

Here we met with Tom’s cousin, and spent together Christmas and New Year. We didn’t meet many Panamanians, those who we met, were so open and friendly!

The prices (USD) are high, but it is easier to count.

A road map is as extensive as a map of Polish metro, so you can give maps on pens. (buehehe)
It’s just famous PanAmerica. Every exit from the main road is like a country trip , so many holes in the roads! The average speed is +- 35 km/h!

That’s all what we can say about these countries, and now it’s time to main point of our trip: Darien Gap ! 200 miles without Road and the possibility of drive. How will we make it ? You’ll find out next time.

If someone plans  visiting these countries and want to ask for details, which we have missed ( , please write

Good luck!