Day 11.11.2016 – the Mafia and the Police! 18

We started the day very early and nothing  spelt trouble!  So let’s get down to the nitty –gritty!

We went around the biggest lake in Mexico (Lago de Chapala) from the west to head  for the way to south and that was a  big mistake. We were driving a winding, mountains road. The surface of the road …is uneven !

After 65 kilometres, our adventure started! Two men with guns blocked our way and instead of telling us where a petrol station was, they asked us about our IDs and passports! Of course they were not policemen and we didn’t give them our documents! After a short conversation and an escape attempt , we got a petrol station ( it was at someone’s garage and petrol was from a barrel). The men weren’t very nice because of “our  acquaintance’’ and they told us firmly that we had to turn back because a few meters farther were people who were very dangerous! And we asked them about   the drive without any stopovers but they started being a bit aggressive… We told them that we would turn back, so we got petrol – 5 litres from the barrel (actually it was 4 litres) and we overpaid – but it doesn’t matter! We set off in a rush, we were speeding and I thought we would have an accident! We drove away about 80 kilometers and arrived in another  place, which looked like an abandoned valley! We were in fear of crossing through this town, but we were wet and cold. We noticed a church, we hoped to find a priest. We found out that he would be in an hour so we decided to stay and wait. We were waiting near the main door and our adventures follow up !

Suddenly, 3 policemen vans drew up, there were about 14 policemen, armed to the teeth, didn’t speak English, and were very aggressive!

Passports! Documents! – that we could understand! We gave them our documents and were tried to explain them who we were and what we were doing! One of them commanded a strip serach! I had 40 cm belt-knife and Magda  had 12 cm knife, he found my knife, when  Magda wanted  to give him her passport, her  knife fell out under the policeman’s feet! They wanted take us to the police station. They were taking Magda to the patrol car and  I was told to drive my motorbike between two petrol cars.

By some miracle, a women, who spoke English, helped us! I was explaining her what had just happened, and Magda was still in the patrol car with these policemen and guns!

We managed to reach an agreement! Finally, they apologized to us with a smile on their faces and we shook hands! They went away…uff. after 10 minutes, the priest came, we still hoped to spend a night in the church.
Meanwhile, some women bough us a hot meal… the priest showed us a hotel, which this woman paid for. Price per night: 300 peso (bout 17$), but if we want hot water, we must pay extra 20 peso!;/

The beds were torn , water was warm but there was a TV! (13 inches and just 8 colours!) Let this day finish! It’s Mexico!

Unfortunately, we haven’t taken any photos. Sorry, but it is quite difficult to take photos when guns are everywhere!