Illegal stay in Mexico! 45


Day first In Mexico, that is, how we crossed the border. It went smoothly even we didn’t stop.  I’ll tell you more.

Do you remember Magda Janusz, who joined the trip ? Today, her name and surname have changed into Magdalena Los Janos regardless of visiting cities. When we stopped to take a “funny photo”, a Mexican drove up and made us realized that we were there illegal and we had to turned back at the borderL and  our adventures follow-up!

We got back , we completed the documents. It went well! The price ? It was almost 9 thousand pessos – it’s about 460 USD  for my motorbike + 20 USD per person! We paid, if we had to, but apparently, they will give our money  back when we leave the country – I hope so! Our new Mexican friend and his mate (Jose i Manolo) bought us food (the price is 17,5 USD for us) but he paid about 8 USD, because it was a local joint and we’re Gringo!

We were displeased with our first impression of Mexico but we’ll give a second chance…

Interesting piece of news! Never sit on the grass like meJ about half a meter from a black widow it wasn’t very niceJ But we’re still alive because you’re reading this post!