US101 – one week of our journey 5

It’s time to „attack” the west coast. Of course, we’re doing it properly! We’re going to drive along west USA edge, there’s the interstate route – US101, which we’re going to join right from the beginning.

The last stopover was in a tourist point and we’re moving on! But not so fast! Some women from inquiries are taking us photos and they’re putting  them on Facebook , titled: “super quests”! What’s more, even the President of this town  came and wished us a safe journey! But it’s time to go! And we are pulling away! First we’re going the route101 to North, next  West when finally South (see the map!)

A few kilometers to west – and there’s a place called Forks and La Push Beach-this is where “Twilight was filmed”. The place is picturesque! The weather is fine, it’s really beautiful!  But…

Before dark, we met some advocates of caravanning and we spent a night with them. Food, drink in exchange for some of our stories, it’s good price J

And here started 3 days of our adventure…

Three days, 800 km in the rain, riding with a broken rear wheel! We were so dead beat, we decided to make a break -36 hours without a motorbike, our trip  and the Internet J

And we hit the bull’s-eye! We woke up 2 days later, and the weather was sunny when were crossing California border ! The cost is beautiful! Now, when I’m writing this post, We’ve been 2 days in Redwood forest –the forest of giant threes! The trees are as big as a sizeabal car. Some of them are 100 meters high and about 1000 years old! What next ? Time will tell… „Tomorrow” it’s time for bigger city: San Francisco and Los Angeles.