Pożar i praca. 3

On the way to Steamboat, towards Salt Lake City, we stopped and were going shopping when a couple came up and asked us if we wanted to make some money on the side. We answered YES without thinking. It turns out that  there is fire about 60 mile farther, 800 firefighters put out the fire, and we’re responsible for preparing meal for 200 firefighters.

The work was really hard, exhausting and monotonous, for example we made scrambled eggs using 600 eggs or 250 sandwiches. We spent there 36 hours but we ate our fill, got a good night’s sleep and we got a descent salary. It was really hard but it was worth it!

First of all we showed Americans how Poles work and they offered us a job – in restaurant – just  after  few hours of working (ha-ha)

It’s time for a follow-up expedition…