Start Kolorado!

Next day – Colorado!

The drive through boring Kansa took 3 days and we arrived in Colorado and we were shocked !

The 3 km lap of our journey is incredible. The landscape changes amazingly, from boring fields to some breathtaking scenery. A rocky mountains due east and the nearer is Aspen, the more colorful there is. Beautiful and diverse trees and bushes, mountains and our wonderful bends !

We arrived in Aspen – we’re shocked! Petrol prices are twice more expensive, everything is very expensive and we thought that Aspen was going to be like our Zakopane or Wisla… but definitely not… It’s probably the most expensive mountain town, inaccessible to   ordinary average men. We met first Pole, who told us where we can pitch the tent in this wilderness.

From Aspen we headed for Denver, next we’re going back to the west. In Steamboat we got to tourist centre. They informed us that there lived a lot of Poles!
We went to „Nordic Lodge” hotel, where we got our hands on free breakfast and hot shower.

Next Salt Lake City!
To sum up: Colorado is beautiful and no photo can accurately portray its reality!!!