In a place called Poland 8

After leaving Indiana Lake, I found out about a town called Poland 100 km ?Why not, I’m going there!
I separated fromAlon and Dania and here the adventure is about to begin…
I’m almost there, I’m taking some photos and I’m going to eat something – I’m buying a hearty meal! A few rolls, some cheese and a few slices of chicken ham!
At last, I should celebrate my stay in Poland
I’m savouring my breakfast, when an elderly man ( about 55/ 60 year old) ‘s coming up to me, and asking me what I was carrying in my trunks (#carapaks), , so I’m answering why I was there and why I was eating so hearty meal
After chatting for a short time (later, it turned out, he lives with his sister Cheryll), he let me pitch my tent in their garden.
I’m arriving right on time, it’s an ordinary house and ordinary people A house with a swimming pool, nice facilities, many family pictures, and very modest family atmosphere!
But it turned out that Donald is 80 years old! And he lives life to the full in a small island near Philippines where he has girls at my age. He helps people to start new and better life…#wow

Donald and Cheryll’s family knows what the poverty is – 12 siblings lived in poverty, even though they were out of the woods !

That’s not all!
Next day, they took me to a restaurant to feed me! First time I was in that kind of a restaurant! The food was delicious, but I didn’t want to ask about the prices!

Finally, they took me to a shop and were throwing thinks which could be useful in my expedition, , without looking at prices! Believe me, after eating in the restaurant I’ve been full of remorse for spending so much money on me, and now the shopping!
We’re going back!
They gave me also homemade cookies for the road (Cheryll – they’re delicious!)
Time to go… and another #wow!

Donald with his sisters invited me for a breakfast in a small restaurant (there are a lot of them, they’re cheap and very popular in the USA). And lastly, they put some money into my trunks! #dolary 😮
Donald kept in mind that my power bank had been stolen and he gave me his as a keepsake… He signed his name!

The moral of this story is that it doesn’t matter which Poland are you in, there we always meet the best people!
My adventure shows that it’s not about where or who you are or your living conditions – but about how you experience life and try to make the best of it , you can always make good. If you met Donald, his jokes and lifestyle, you’d see for yourself that his age is only numbers!
Many thanks for spending such wonderful time with your amazing family, for delicious food and reserves of food for a week!
Here are some photos from Poland, NY, with Donald and Cheryll Weakley and I’m going to NYC, you’ll find out in a week!