The adventure with Alon and his wife Dania 38

Day 1
A trip from New York to Blue Mountain area.
My credit cards stopped working and I could withdraw some money from a cash machine in Bankdrive (it’s a bank where you don’t have to get out your car). The pace journey is more than my Beauty standard. Nevertheless, I can manage
I reached my destination, pitched my ten, made a bonfire and They were amazed how could I find wood in the forest –it’s not a joke! They buy 4 twigs ( a half meter long) for 9 $ ! I laughed at them and I made a bonfire without spending any money!
Day 2
I wake up early, I didn’t eat breakfast ( because didn’t have), went to a pass – 10 km through the forest to a lake where I flowed into the marshes! (watch the film)
Dania and Alon gave me some healthy, vegetarian food
We went back to ours tents next we went to the city centre where we splited up – I was going to eat something cheap and they were going to a restaurant.
I went back to Duran Lake, where I was spending 3 hours sitting at the bank of the river and thinking about nothing. For dinner just peanut butter around the campfire and it finished that beautiful, sunny day 