New York which fascinate. 50

The flight to New York tried my patience! 11 hours sitting in a company of a typical American guy – strange smile, talking only how awesome is in the USA! Next to me were sitting five children and their parents who, by the way couldn’t handle their children and the women was pregnant again…
Lt’s carry on…
The plane touched down, passport control and I had to face the age-old questions: “why are you here? So I answered: “ Because I’m travelling around the world on a motorbike. I wish my dreams come true!” And the show began…. They body-searched me, after a few questions they took me to a room like in a film, asking me hundreds of the same questions… I and my poor English… Either way, I managed to go through customs. I left the airport and…the climate and the temperature are terrible! 28 degrees Celsius, muggily, I couldn’t breathe , I was already sweating!
After a week I’m getting used it, but here is 26 deegres Celsius even at night! I can’t stand that stuffiness !
How do I perceive NY ?
It’s expensive, very expensive and once more expensive ! and the pursuit of money and food which, by the way, is very expensive!
I stayed with a guy, who eats only nutritional supplements – because it’s cheaper!
It’s not for me… I’m sorry
I’m getting back my motorbike and getting out!
But I don’t know for sure… Pretty soon it’ll turn out…