Time to say goodbye.. – Lot do Ukrainy 31

The last two days before my flight didn’t bring much in my life but only in theory!
The last two days I spent visiting the best people I’ve ever met! Thanks to the MOTOSAMSARA project! Super food, atmosphere and super people! I don’t know when and how can I ever repay you ?
But it’s time to say goodbye!
And it’s beginning of a great adventure…
When I was sitting in a car with Christopher, Basia from LEX FILM, when Basia told a weak joke: ”Have you already checked in ?”And this line ruined everything! Is there extra check in ? If I’ve got a ticket so I’ve already checked in as, as usual. Everyone panicked… I was searching the internet, great… I’ll pay some extra at the airport only not to miss the flight…
We are at the airport in time. Last hugs with Basia and kisses with Christopher (ha-ha). Time to handle myself. Just a little bit of stress and everything was OK !
I didn’t have to pay anything extra, and I was having some spare time
I was relaxed. I wanted something to drink, but I couldn’t find a bottle of water in duty-free shops! There were plenty of vodka/vine/champagne, but no water/juice! Impossible! I asked the staff ( using pidgin English) and they told me that there was some water near the entrance door…after a 15 – minutes walk, I got some water, which wasn’t very tasty!
Now, when I’m writing this post, I’m on my way to Ukraine and I’m realizing that it’s time to go to the USA!

PS I hope the plane to the USA will be more spacious!