Sometimes simple actions are the hardest .. 103

Today, it’t 5th July
As many of you know, 3 years ago I had a motorbike accident…
Driving Suzuki GSXR k7 with a passenger I hit Citroena C4 sideways. She ( my passenger) flew over the car without any injuries but I was found under the car with a broken shin, a broken arm and with bruised ribs. After 7 months of rehabilitations, the doctor said that I would never touch my heel to my bottom and I could forget about running!
2 and a half year after the accident I was able to run a half marathon, I walk, lift, I’m so proud! But I had to overcome one more thing… Today I’ve done it! Even though I don’t blame myself, I decided to visit this woman who I had the accident with. I apologized to her, we were talking. It wasn’t difficult to talk in English – to stop, knock the door and say “I’m sorry” was the most difficult part. We said goodbye in friendly manner, wishing each other good luck…
It was a big step forward.
PS Last week I was visiting my old friends and I’ve been preparing for my departure do the USA.
See you next week!