Italy 112

After spending two nights in Villach, I went to Italy.
As to the views, the Italian Alps are the most spectacular! The first accommodation offered me a girl in Trident…. But we didn’t sleep because we went sightseeing and we happened on karaoke ! (neither me or Gracjan sang!)
Next morning I went to overcome passes! ( passo dell Furka, Passo dell Mendlo, passo del Erbe).
I felt excited, especially when I got the next overnight done! Thanks to Alessandro! I hadn’t known the guy but his family hosted me very generously as if it had been Christma’s Eve, there was plenty of food, my laundry was done and we were watching the football match – Poland vs Germany which we won 0:0 😛 It was a wonderful day!
17th June 2016
This day I began with climbing 3056 stairs – 1 km in length and 500 m height! It was incredible! I strongly recommended!
The video is available on my youtube channel.

I was exhausted when I was driving to PASSO DELL STELVIO. I’ve been there before but it’s worth it!
Here are some photos.
When I’m writing this post it’s been raining cats and dogs! And I’m freezing to death! I don’t know where I’m going to overnight I don’t have any food or dry shoes! But you know what ? I’s worth it! High five!