Daily Archives: Wednesday September 21st, 2016

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When we arrived to Detroit, we found out by accident about Deam Cruz, it’s the biggest meeting of motoring enthusiast in the world! The cars are at every age and all kinds. We were spending 3 hours sitting on a curb just to watch classical, legendary and modern cars! It […]

Welcome to Hell

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On the way to Steamboat, towards Salt Lake City, we stopped and were going shopping when a couple came up and asked us if we wanted to make some money on the side. We answered YES without thinking. It turns out that  there is fire about 60 mile farther, 800 […]

Pożar i praca.

Next day – Colorado! The drive through boring Kansa took 3 days and we arrived in Colorado and we were shocked ! The 3 km lap of our journey is incredible. The landscape changes amazingly, from boring fields to some breathtaking scenery. A rocky mountains due east and the nearer […]

Start Kolorado!

A long way to go – 1100 kilometers  of straight way through Kansas, we’re planning to make it in two days! (Yes! 500 km per day) Boredom! Just fields and desolation! In the middle of nowhere we stayed at a westside cafe “Sassy Lady”, after short conversation we were invited to […]