Przygotowania do podróży

Nepal-Himalayas-Everest 30
Visas / Permits for entry and traveling .. It`s only several papers, most of them can be done at the border, but .. well, there is always  but .. My journey begins in Poland, at the beginning easily: Slovakia, Hungary Romania .. a piece of cake, the problem starts when […]

Visas / Permits for entry and exit ..

Motosamsara still in full swing! Just today I can officially say that: Ajska Enduro TEAM – Sebastian HOP Gazda joined to the project. ! Probably I don’t need to describe that person but for people unrelated to the topic motorcycle I will say only.. It is the organizer of the […]

penguins are joined to project!

This morning I was robbed of my phone Case transferred to the police, of course, no one saw nothing.. All persons interested, please contact us by email or under the English number 0044 77639 88 226. In spite adversity project motosamsara still spins so I encourage you to invite […]

I’m without phone!