63 days before start my travel constantly I am thinking about how to increase publicity field problem .. Many people ridicules that we have miserable chance to collect funds for the field … but for me it’s still a chance! #hopedieslast If you don’t know how you can help .. […]

I help.. and You ?

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Dear Santa Claus, I’m writing this quite an unusual letter but you must understand that today you are also very unusual, special and…needed. Usually I ask you for sweets, new PS3 games, tablets and other really indispensable things. These are the presents I got last year: A set of really […]

Dear Santa Claus

Motosamsara still in full swing! Just today I can officially say that: Ajska Enduro TEAM – Sebastian HOP Gazda joined to the project. ! Probably I don’t need to describe that person but for people unrelated to the topic motorcycle I will say only.. It is the organizer of the […]

penguins are joined to project!